BBA-MBA Curriculum

Course Code Course Title
BBA1CCOB02 Language Skills in English
BBA1CCOQ01 Mathematics – I
BBA1CCEF01 Principles of Micro Economics
BBA1CCGM01 Principles of Management
BBA1CCGM02 Modern History
BBA1CCSM01 Industry Readiness – I*
BBA1CCGM03 Art and Culture – I
BBA1CCOB01 Great Books – I
BBA1CCXX01 Enrichment Course – I
Course Code Course Title
BBA1CCEF02 Financial Accounting
BBA1CCOB04 Business Communication
BBA1CCOQ02 Mathematics – II
BBA1CCEF03 Principles of Macro Economics
BBA1CCIM01 Fundamentals of Information Technology
BBA1CCSM02 Industry Readiness – II*
BBA1CCGM04 Art and Culture – II
BBA1CCOB03 Great Books – II
BBA1CCXX02 Enrichment Course – II
Course Code Course Title
BBA1CCGM05 Indian Polity & Constitution
BBA1CCEF04 Company Accounts
BBA1CCGM06 Logic & Critical Thinking
BBA1CCGM07 Introduction to Sociology
BBA1CCOQ03 Statistics
BBA1CCSM03 Industry Readiness – III*
BBA1CCGM08 Art and Culture – III
BBA1CCOB05 Great Books – III
BBA1CCXX03 Enrichment Course – III
Course Code Course Title
BBA2CCEF05 Indian Economy
BBA2CCOB06 Oral Communication
BBA2CCEF06 Financial Management
BBA2CCEF07 Cost Accounting
BBA2CCOB07 Introduction to Psychology
BBA2CCSM04 Industry Readiness – IV*
BBA2CCIM02 Science & Technology – I
BBA2CCGM09 Theatre & Films – I
BBA2CCXX05 Enrichment Course – IV
Course Code Course Title
BBA2CCGM10 Business Laws-I
BBA2CCOB08 Organisational Behaviour
BBA2CCMM01 Marketing Management-I
BBA2CCOQ04 Operations Research
BBA2CCSM05 Ethics & Values
BBA2CCGM11 Indian Society
BBA2CCSM06 Industry Readiness – V*
BBA2CCIM03 Science & Technology – II
BBA2CCGM12 Theatre & Films – II
BBA2CCXX06 Enrichment Course – V
Course Code Course Title
BBA2CCIM04 Database Management
BBA2CCGM13 Indian Business History
BBA2CCGM14 Business Laws-II
BBA2CCOQ05 Operations Management
BBA2CCHR01 Human Resource Management
University Elective
BBA2CCSM07 Industry Readiness – VI*
BBA2CCIM05 Science & Technology – III
Course Code Course Title
BBA3CCSM08 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BBA3CCGM15 Environment Management
BBA3CCMM02 Marketing Management-II
BBA3CCHR02 Employee Relations
BBA3CCOB09 Leadership
BBA3CCSM09 Industry Readiness – VII*
BBA3CCXX08 Foreign Language – I
BBA3CCXX09 Enrichment Course – VII
Course Code Course Title
BBA3CCEF08 Management Accounting
BBA3CCSM10 New Venture Creation
BBA3CCIM06 Management Information System
BBA3CCOQ06 Research Methodology
BBA3CCSM11 Introduction to Strategic Management
BBA3CCGM16 Rural Immersion
BBA3CCSM12 Industry Readiness – VIII*
BBA3CCXX10 Foreign Language-II
Course Code Course Title
BBA3CCGM17 Business and Government
BBA3CCGM18 Fundamentals of International Business
BBA3CCIM07 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
BBA3CCSM13 Simulations
BBA3CCOQ07 Operations Planning & Control
BBA3CCSM14 Design Thinking
BBA3CCXX11 Capstone
BBA3CCXX12 Foreign Language-III
BBA3CCXX13 Internship III*
Course Code Course Title
MBM4CCEF09 Advanced Course in Accounting
MBM4CCMM03 Advanced Course in Marketing
MBM4CCEF10 Advanced Course in Finance
MBM4CCOQ08 Advanced Course in Operations Management
MBM4CCSM15 Advanced Course in Strategic Management
MBM4CCHR03 Advanced Course in Human Resource Management & Employee Relations
Course Code Course Title
General Electives – 1*
General Electives – 2*
General Electives – 3*
General Electives – 4*
General Electives – 5*
General Electives – 6*
Sectoral Electives – 1#
Sectoral Electives – 2#
Non-Specialisation Electives – 1#
Non-Specialisation Electives – 2#
Course Code Course Title
MBM4CCOQ09 Advanced Research Methodology
MBM4CCXX14 Internship IV*
Course Code Course Title
Specialisation Electives*
Course Code Course Title
Yoga & Total Health
Accelerated Learning
Personality Development
Creative Writing
Industry Analysis
Time Management
Group Discussion and interviewing skills
Outbound Teamwork.
Value Clarification.
Career Planning and Goal Setting.
Science & Technology
Gender & Disability Sensitivity.
Innovation Management.
Business Etiquette
Disaster Management
Event Management
Forensic Accounting
Health Care Management
Introduction to Capital Markets
Tourism Management
Presentation Skills
Stress Management


Course Code Course Title
MBM5SEEF01 Bank Management
MBM5SEEF02 Behavioral Economics
MBM5SEEF03 Behavioral Finance
MBM5SEEF04 Derivatives and Risk Management
MBM5SEEF05 Direct and Indirect Taxes
MBM5SEEF06 Econometrics for Finance
MBM5SEEF07 Economic Analysis of Asset Prices
MBM5SEEF10 Economics of Bond and Derivatives Markets
MBM5SEEF12 Financial Modeling Using Spreadsheets
MBM5SEEF13 Financial Statement Analysis
MBM5SEEF14 Insurance
MBM5SEEF15 International Finance
MBM5SEEF16 Investment and Portfolio Management
MBM5SEEF17 Investment Banking
MBM5SEEF18 Management Control Systems
MBM5SEEF19 Management of Financial Services
MBM5SEEF20 Mergers and Acquisitions
MBM5SEEF21 Project Planning and Control
MBM5SEEF23 Stochastic Calculus in Finance
MBM5SEEF24 Strategic Cost Management
MBM5SEEF25 Strategic Financial Management
MBM5SEEF26 Valuation
MBM5SEEF27 Wealth Management
MBM5SEEF28 Working Capital Management
MBM5SEGM11 International Trade
MBM5SEGM02 Export- Import Management
MBM5SEGM03 Foreign Trade Policy, Procedures and Documentation
MBM5SEGM04 Global Management
MBM5SEGM05 International Business
MBM5SEGM06 International Business Laws
MBM5SEEF15 International Finance
MBM5SEGM07 International Logistics
MBM5SEGM08 International Market Research
MBM5SEGM09 International Organizations, Regional Blocks & WTO
MBM5SEGM10 International Technology Transfer and Multinational Enterprises
MBM5SEMM01 Advanced Marketing Research
MBM5SEMM02 Business-to-Business Marketing
MBM5SEMM03 Consumer Behaviour
MBM5SEMM04 Contagion Marketing
MBM5SEMM05 Customer Relationship Management
MBM5SEMM06 Digital Marketing
MBM5SEMM07 Direct Marketing
MBM5SEMM08 Entertainment Marketing
MBM5SEMM09 Events Management
MBM5SEMM10 Franchising
MBM5SEMM11 Integrated Marketing Communication
MBM5SEMM12 International Marketing
MBM5SEMM13 Internet Marketing
MBM5SEMM14 Managing Corporate Relations
MBM5SEMM15 Marketing Models
MBM5SEMM16 Marketing of High-Tech Products
MBM5SEMM17 Marketing Research
MBM5SEMM18 New Product Development
MBM5SEMM19 Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing
MBM5SEMM20 Retail Marketing
MBM5SEMM21 Return on Marketing Investment
MBM5SEMM22 Rural Marketing
MBM5SEMM23 Sales & Distribution Management
MBM5SEMM24 Services Marketing
MBM5SEMM25 Societal Marketing
MBM5SEMM26 Strategic Brand Management
MBM5SEMM27 Strategic Marketing
MBM5SEHR01 Compensation Management
MBM5SEHR02 Competency Mapping and Assessment
MBM5SEHR03 Employee Relationship Management
MBM5SEHR04 Global Business Leadership
MBM5SEHR05 Human Resource Analytics
MBM5SEHR06 Instruments For Human Resource Management
MBM5SEHR07 International Human Resource Management
MBM5SEHR08 Labour Legislation in India
MBM5SEHR09 Organization Development & Change Management
MBM5SEHR10 Performance Management
MBM5SEHR11 Recruitment and Selection
MBM5SEHR12 Research in Human Resource Management
MBM5SEHR13 Strategic Human Resource Management
MBM5SEHR14 Training and Development
MBM5SEIM03 Business Intelligence
MBM5SEIM04 Business Process Re-engineering
MBM5SEIM06 E-Business Management
MBM5SEIM07 Enterprise Resource Planning
MBM5SEIM08 Information Technology Strategy for Business
MBM5SEIM09 InfoSec for Governance , Risk Management and Compliance
MBM5SEIM10 IT Infrastructure and Process Management
MBM5SEIM13 Software Project Management
MBM5SEIM14 Technology Enabled Operations Management
MBM5SEIM15 Telecommunications Management
MBM5SEOQ01 Data Analytics and Data Mining
MBM5SEOQ02 Data Analytics and Visualization
MBM5SEOQ03 Decision Modelling and Applications
MBM5SEOQ04 Descriptive Analytics
MBM5SEOQ05 Infrastructure Management
MBM5SEOQ06 Lean Six Sigma
MBM5SEOQ07 Logistics Management
MBM5SEOQ08 Operations Management in Services
MBM5SEOQ09 Operations Strategy & Competitiveness
MBM5SEOQ10 Predictive Analytics
MBM5SEOQ11 Project Management
MBM5SEOQ12 Statistical Techniques in Quality Control
MBM5SEOQ13 Strategic Outsourcing
MBM5SEOQ14 Supply Chain Management
MBM5SEOQ15 Technology Management
MBM5SEOQ16 Total Quality Management
MBM5SEOQ17 World Class Manufacturing
MBM5SEIM01 Big Data
MBM5SEIM02 Business Analytics & Data Visualisation
MBM5SEIM05 Data Mining and Data Science
MBM5SEIM11 Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
MBM5SEIM12 Python and R
Course Code Course Title
Course Code Courses Name
MBM5SESM01 Business Development Strategies
MBM5SESM02 Case Study of Entrepreneurs
MBM5SESM03 Corporate Governance
MBM5SESM04 Creativity and Innovation
MBM5SESM05 Doing Business with Government
MBM5SESM06 Management of Strategic Alliance
MBM5SESM07 Management of Technology and Innovation
MBM5SESM08 Managing a Growing Organization
MBM5SESM09 New Age Strategies
MBM5SESM10 Seminar on Start-up Finance
MBM5SESM11 Social Entrepreneurship
MBM5SESM12 Strategic Application of Game Theory
MBM5SESM13 Strategic Management of an Innovation
MBM5SESM14 Strategizing Corporate Social Responsibility
MBM5SESM15 Strategy Execution
MBM5SEEF08 Economic Thought
MBM5SEEF09 Economics of Business Strategy
MBM5SEEF11 Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MBM5SEEF22 Public Policy Analysis
MBM5SEGM01 Dissertation
MBM5SEGM02 Export- Import Management
MBM5SEGM03 Foreign Trade Policy, Procedures and Documentation
MBM5SEGM04 Global Management
MBM5SEGM05 International Business
MBM5SEGM06 International Business Laws
MBM5SEGM07 International Logistics
MBM5SEGM08 International Market Research
MBM5SEGM09 International Organizations, Regional Blocks & WTO
MBM5SEGM10 International Technology Transfer and Multinational Enterprises
MBM5SEGM11 International Trade
MBM5SEGM12 Management Consulting
MBM5SEGM13 Multivariate Data Analysis
MBM5SEGM14 Qualitative Research
MBM5SEOB01 Coaching and Counseling
MBM5SEOB02 Management of Co-operation and Conflict
MBM5SEOB03 Negotiation Skills
MBM5SEOB04 People Management and Leadership
MBM5SEOB05 Personality Development & Business Etiquette
MBM5SEOB06 Power, Influence and Leadership
MBM5SEOB07 Psychometric Testing
MBM5SEOB08 Stress Management
MBM5SEOB09 Transactional Analysis
MBM5SEOB10 Understanding and Managing Cultural Diversity
Course Code Course Title
Sector: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
MBM5SEEF01 Bank Management
MBM5SEEF15 International Finance
MBM5SEEF17 Investment Banking
Sector : Retail & E-Commerce
MBM5SEMM20 Retail Marketing
MBM5SEOQ14 Supply Chain Management
MBM5SEIM06 E-Business Management

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