Integrated BTech – MBA (Five Year)

In last one decade, Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial revolution in form of Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc have started shaping all the sectors and human activities across the globe. In order to prepare professionals with blend of contemporary technological skills and appropriate managerial competencies & industry orientation, Nirma University has envisaged an Integrated BTech (CSE) – MBA Programme.

This five years programme will be jointly offered by Institute of Technology and Institute of Management of Nirma University. Students will learn technical and analytical skills during Phase I (first three years – Nine Trimesters) at Institute of Technology. In Phase II (Fourth and Fifth year – Six Trimesters), they will not only enhance their analytical skills but will also acquire managerial skills for the digital age, so as to make them industry ready.

  • The Programme combines the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate phases i.e. BTech (CSE) and MBA.
  • Programme curriculum is a prudent mix of technical, management and allied courses.
  • Programme comprises four months corporate internship during the MBA phase.
  • Students get opportunity to specialise in different management areas such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Information Technology, International Business, etc. during the MBA phase of the programme.
  • Additional minor specialisation in Information Management & Business Analytics in the MBA Phase.
  • The curriculum is flexible.
  • Excellent Placement Prospect.
  • Experienced faculty and innovative method of teaching, comprising a proper mix of theory and practice that provides opportunities for participatory and experiential learning.
  • Excellent infrastructure with state of the art classrooms, library & IT facilities.
  • Continuous mentoring of students for career advancement.
  • Various activities for overall personality development of the students.
  • Outcome Based Education System

After undergoing this programme, the student shall be able to:

  1. Evaluate different business issues using an integrative approach
  2. Communicate effectively in different contexts
  3. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills
  4. Analyse global business environment for effective decision making
  5. Use relevant conceptual frame works and best technology and management practices
  6. Propose innovative solutions to problems by blending engineering/ scientific knowledge andskills with business acumen
  7. Develop functional and general management skills
  8. Improve productivity by adopting contemporary technologies and tools
  9. Demonstrate creativity, risk-taking ability and adaptability to become a life-long learner
  10. Act as an ethical & socially responsible management professional

The first three years [Phase I] will have Nine Trimesters, with three Trimesters in each of the three years. The duration of each Term will be approx. 11-12 weeks (inclusive of examinations). A teaching week would normally have 25 contact hours, out of which 15 hours will be for classroom teaching, including tutorials, while the balance time will have library and other practical/laboratory sessions. The fourth and fifth years [Phase II] will have a total of six terms, with three terms in each of the two years. Phase II of the programme will be completely RESIDENTIAL.


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