PhD Alumni

Name Status Area of Specialization TAC Chairman Topic
Priyanka Bharatkumar Dave 2019 OB / HR Prof Harismita Trivedi Workplace Learning: A Study of Antecedents and Consequences in IT Industry of India
Tanvi Paras Kothari 2019 OB / HR Prof Sameer Pingle Shared Identity, Work-Life Roles and Career Priority: A study of Dual Career Couples
Godiawala Savan Rashmikant 2019 Economics & Finance Dr Neeraj Amarnani Cross Border Capital Account Transactions: factors influencing policy reforms in india
P A Padmanabhan 2018 Finance Dr M. Mallikarjun A Study of Corporate Restructing in India With Special Focus on Demergers
Natashaa R. Kaul 2017 OB / HR Prof Harismita Trivedi Leader Member Exchange: A Study of Antecedents & Organizational Outcomes
Debjani Rajanish Dass 2017 OB / HR Prof Sameer Pingle Managerial Perception towards Organizational Change
Abhishek  Sachan 2017 Finance Prof P K Chugan A study of Relationship Between Personality Traits and Demographic Characteristics with Behavioural Biases of Individual Investors.
Srivastava Pranaya 2017 International Business Management Dr Deepak Srivastava Measuring impact of firm specific resources on Export Performance of SME’s: A Study of Indian Automobile and Textile Sectors
Dhani Ram Rajak 2017 Operation Management Dr Rajesh Jain Management and Analysis of Multi-sourse Remote Sensing Data for Modelling Multi-level Crop Acreage Estimates
D Jegatheesa Pandian 2016 Strategic Management Dr Bindi Mehta Energy Security for India: An Analysis of Issues and Challenges for Policy Development
Shrabani B Bhattacharjee 2015 OB / HR Dr Anamika Sinha A study of formalisation of Human Resource Management Practices in Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Gujarat.
Dhiren N Jotwani 2015 Economics and Finance Dr M Mallikarjun Economic Growth and Financial Sector Development in India.
Shivangi Singh 2015 Economics and Finance Dr P K Chugan Impact of Export Facilitation Programmes Usage on Firm’s Export Performance.
Trivedi Megha S 2015 Management Dr Santosh Dhar Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Corporate Communication
Jyoti Verma 2013 OB / HR Dr Anamika Sinha A Study of Knowledge Sharing in Cross Functional Teams.
Choraria Sapna Prakash Chand 2013 Marketing Dr P K Yadav A study of factors affecting users’ participation, experience and stickiness on the online community websites.
Shah Reena Amal 2013 Management Dr Santosh Dhar Constitutent Factors of Work-life Balance : A Study of Indian Professionals
Meenakshi Rawani 2012 Marketing Dr Ashwini Awasthi Exploring the role of service recovery strategies and causal attributions
on perceived justice.
Darshan Jagdishchandra Parikh 2011 Marketing Dr P.K. Chugan Customer Acceptance of Internet Shopping in India: Impact of Shopping  Orientations, Knowledge & Security
Raghuram Gopala 2009 Finance Prof T.R.Bishnoi Capital Market Reform and Asset Pricing: The Case of India
Suneel Arora 2009 Finance Prof Rb G Nambiar Corporate environmental reporting in India: An assessment of disclosure practices, its antecedents and consequences
Garima Kapoor 2009 Finance Prof R G Nambiar Value Relevance of Financial and Non-Financial Information: A Case of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Deepa Patel 2009 Finance Prof Shantanu Mehta A Study of Relationship Between Macro-Economic Indicators and Price-Earning Ratio and Return on Equity Shares in the context of Price Earning Ratio.
Tapan Kumar Guha 2008 OB & HR Dr Sanjyot  Pethe Emerging HR Strategies in Response to Organizational Innovation Process
Harini Mittal 2007 Finance Prof M Mallikarjun Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Performance of a Firm – An Indian Perspective
Hardik Shah 2007 OB & HR Prof Anup K. Singh Antecedents and Consequences of Learned Helplessness (LH) Among R D Professionals of Pharmaceutical Industry
Shilpa Surana 2007 OB & HR Prof Anup K Singh Nature of Job Burnout and its Certain Antecedents and Consequences Among Customer Service Professionals
Kavim V Bhatnagar 2006 Finance Prof T R Bishnoi Portfolio Preferences of Government Pensioners: A Comparative Study of Pre and Post Liberalization Retirees in India
Vandana Chauhan 2006 Finance Prof T R Bishnoi Venture Capital Funding and Entrepreneurs’ Performance: A Test of Financial Contracting Theory
Nivedita Kothiyal 2006 OB & HR Prof Pramod Verma The Impact of Resource Practices on Firm Performance: Issues and Evidences
Darshan Desai 2006 Marketing Prof Subrat Sahu Assessing Managerial Perceptions on Drivers of Customer Relationship Management Performance
Niharika Gaan 2006 OB & HR Prof Anup K Singh Nature of Job Satisfaction Among Information System Professionals
R R Rajamohan 2006 Finance Prof Chinmoy Sahu Determinants of Household Portfolio Composition: A Survey

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