Placement Process

Submitting your interest:
Companies intend to visit campus may contact the Corporate Relations Office with primary details about Job Profile/Project work in offering and student profiles required. Once the interest of the company is received the Placement Office will make necessary arrangements for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT), final selection and inform company of the same.

Pre-placement talk (PPT):
PPT provides an opportunity to the recruiting company and the students to interact with each other. The presentation by the company is in general regarding the history, growth potential, future opportunities, and job content, compensation package/stipend, location. PPT also provides the company with an opportunity to recruit the first year students for summer training assignments at the same time.
PPT by the companies is scheduled before the commencement of the placement season. This helps students to take an informed decision. Resumes of the interested students will be sent to the company for shortlisting. The company is requested to send a shortlist of candidates at least a week prior to the scheduled visit to the campus for recruitment.

Conducting the final selection:
The Company is requested to inform the Corporate Relations Office of their recruitment procedure. It should include information on the Group Discussion, the number of rounds of Interviews, etc. The company will inform the Corporate Relations Office about the final selection of the candidates thereafter in writing.

Institute of Management, Nirma University provides the following facilities for Recruiters on campus:

Dedicated access to Computer Lab for conducting online tests and air-conditioned Classrooms for offline tests
Conference Rooms
Interview Rooms
Skype/Video Conferencing
Guest House for Corporate Visitors
Business New Paper, Magazines and Library resources
Internet/Wi-Fi access
Food Court
ATM Facilities
Health Club and Gym

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