The students are encouraged to plan, organise and participate in various curricular and extra-curricular activities on their own with basic support from the Institute. Such an atmosphere inculcates a spirit of leadership and an understanding of different aspects of management. The students undertake such activities not merely for the learning value but also for the pleasure that comes with the experience of accomplishment of a job. They get to recognise their talents and skills in the process, and are inspired to develop themselves further. Students Clubs aim to provide opportunities to the members and interested students for developing entrepreneurial skills and help polish their abilities so as to prepare them to face the challenges of the business world. The clubs also organise business quizzes, business plan competitions and seminars on current issues.

  • A postgraduate degree that teaches the management features and functionality of an organisation is known as an MBA. An
  • Management theory is evolving to include an understanding of human activity as a sense-making process. Rather than being defined
  • The most significant aspect of your final selection process for any MBA school is the Personal Interview (PI). It
  • The CAT test is a highly competitive exam, with about a quarter of a million students taking it each
  • By Spinshot The BBA photography and film-making club Photography can be considered as a language which wields the power
  • Human nature is to take things casually until they have a fear of losing it; may it be loved
  • MBA is an important step to move ahead on the corporate ladder for any individual. The knowledge and experience
  • Conceptualising, writing and developing a research based empirical paper, research note or an article that is acceptable for publication
  • These days’ complexities that organisations experience are unparalleled and can seem devastating. These comprises of disturbances in services and
  • Covid-19 pandemic has exposed two critical facts concerning the global health scenario: 1) prevention is as always better than
  • India has witnessed tremendous increase in the new retail formats in apparel stores sector, in the last decade. Big
  • In today’s competitive world, individuals set higher expectation levels leading to a stressful life. In order to achieve these
  • The notion of ‘Transcendence’ has been frequently cited in MSR (Management, Spirituality, and Religion) literature. Authors have contended the
  • Cyclicality of fiscal policy indicates whether the government’s revenues and expenditures move in the same direction or in the
  • When was the last time you did something genuinely out of interest that you didn’t feel obligated to do?
  • When it came to a discussion with a friend about what is the actual, veritable, effective role that Social
  • System’, ‘Structure’, ‘Process’ – these familiar concepts were oft repeated in the class across courses. Unfortunately, one leaves the
  • Indo-U.S. relations have been the subject of interest for many policy analysts and with the emergence of an economic
  • Analytics is a technology facilitating business, psychology, living standard, etc. But how does it work and what makes it
  • During my MBA course and more than 8 years after it even today, I heard and still keep hearing

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