Parent Meeting

The different institutes of the University organise a meeting with the parents every semester with a view to establish personal rapport with them and to share the progress of their wards.

Parents have various apprehensions/concerns about the well-being of their wards once they are out of the protected atmosphere of school and into the undergraduate phase of their lives. The Parent-Teacher meetings provide a platform for the parents to visit the Institute and interact with the faculty members teaching their wards.

The objectives behind organizing the Parent-Teacher meeting is as follows:

  • To provide parents with an opportunity to meet the faculty members and get an update about the progress of their wards
  • To provide parents with an update about the various activities undertaken at the institute
  • To provide parents with an opportunity to share concerns/suggestions if any

It is highly desirable that parents attend such meeting so that they are aware about the academic progress and social adjustment of their wards on one hand and are cognisant about the expectations and standards of the University on the other hand. The dates for the PTM is mentioned in the academic calendar circulated in the beginning of the academic year. A reminder mail is sent to all parents around 10 days before the date of the meeting, conveying the exact time and venue of the meeting.

The Program Chairperson and faculty members teaching the students remain present during the meeting, along with the Program Office staff. Attendance is taken of the participating parents. The Program Chairperson conducts the meeting, briefing about the on-going activities. There after it is a free flowing meeting wherein queries of the parents are duly addressed by the Chairperson and other faculty members/staff members. The meeting ends with refreshments for all present.

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