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The Students Welfare Board (SWB) aims to promote the social-psychological and cultural growth of the students through a host of activities conducted all through the year. The board organises various intra and inter-college/university cultural and sports events. It picks up different social causes prevailing in the society and organises awareness programmes for the students. All the constituent institutes have a dedicated SWB coordinator that operates and manages tasks at the institute level.

Cultural Events & Sports Activities

The University promotes the overall development of a student and in addition to academics, it emphasises participating in different extracurricular activities. The campus is well equipped with the necessary state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate all types of cultural and sports activities.

The SWB puts together various cultural activities that lead to the development of skills and provides a platform for the students to showcase their talent. In NUZEAL, an annual Intra-Institute Cultural Festival, the board hosts events like Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine-Arts, Literary, and Personality Contest etc. Garba, the traditional dance form of Gujarat, is loved and enjoyed by people from all sections of society and across all age groups during Navratri. An annual Ras-Garba Mahotsav, RAMZAT is organised on the first Saturday after Navratri for the members of the Nirma University family. In addition, several other cultural festivals are organised by the institutes.

The university encourages students to participate in sports and other physical exercises regularly as it stimulates the mind, body and the spirit. Individual sports teach to motivate oneself whereas team sports imbibe accountability, leadership, teamwork and other skills. The university hosts ABHIMANU, an annual inter-university sports competition that attracts participation from reputed universities across India. The board also organises an Annual Sports Meet for the university students which includes team events, individual events and track and field events.

The SWB arranges various drives like swachhta, plantation and blood donation from time to time. The board also addresses social issues through One Act Play, an intra-institute drama competition.

The University also encourages the participation of the students in the events organised by other colleges, institutes and universities. The board also prepares a team that represents the University in the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) sports and cultural events and various state and national level competitions organised by government and private institutions.

In addition, the board also arranges for Adventure activities like mountaineering camps in the foothills of the Himalayas and Desert Safaris in Rajasthan from time to time.

Celebration National and International Days

Every year on Independence Day and Republic Day the SWB organises a flag hoisting ceremony on the campus. Renowned dignitaries from various walks of life are invited as the chief guest. A photo exhibition and patriotic song competition are organised on these days.

Besides this, as part of the World Yoga Day celebration on June 21, all the university officials gather at the campus and perform yoga under the supervision of a yoga expert, every year.


Dr Bhavesh Parekh
Coordinator, Students Welfare Board
Phone: 079-71652324, 079-71652322

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