Academic Section

The core function of the Academic Section is to summon and hold meetings of various statutory bodies of the University, like Board of Governors, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Faculties, Board of Studies, Area Committees and issuance of final notifications based on the resolutions of these bodies.

Besides these, the records including various academic and administrative regulations are updated by this section after issuance of final notifications.

The Academic Section also checks and verifies the eligibility of candidates for admission in various programmes and prepares enrolment and postgraduate registration registers of various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Other various processes such as a correction in the name of the student, cancellation of UG enrolment, PG registration, issuance of migration certificate, etc are also done through this section.


Dr Ravindra Sen
Deputy Registrar, Academic Section (Officiating)
Phone: 079-71652680

Shri Divyang J Pandya
Office Superintendent, Academic Section

Shri Umesh Kothari
Sr Assistant, Academic Section

Shri Sanjay Mukadam
Sr Assistant, Academic Section

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