Grievance Redressal

Nirma University has created a mechanism for redressal of students’ grievances related to academic and non-academic matters, such as assessment, victimisation, attendance, charging of fees, conducting of examinations, harassment by colleague students or teachers etc. There are Grievance Redressal Committees at the Programme/Institute/University levels to deal with the grievances of the students. The details of these committees are furnished below:

Students Grievance Redressal Committee at Programme Level.

1. Programme Chairperson of MBA [FT]
2. Programme Chairperson of MBA [FB&E]
3. Programme Chairperson of Integrated MBA
4. Programme Chairperson of BBA-MBA
5. Deputy Registrar, IMNU

The Chairperson of the respective Programme to which the matter pertains will chair the meeting for that particular matter.

Committee at Institute level 

1. Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University – Chairman.
2. Chairperson of the concerned programme.
3. Two faculties appointed by HOI
4. Deputy Registrar, Member Secretary.

University Level Committee

1. Chief Operating Officer – Chairperson
2. Dean of faculty of Management
3. Chairperson of the concerned programme
4. Executive Registrar
5. Deputy Registrar – Member Secretary

This committee will deal with all the Grievances directly which are related to the common problems at Institute level both academic and administrative nature. In addition, this committee will also entertain the appeal filed by the students’ against the decision of the programme level committee.
Procedure for Redressal of Grievances (RoG) is as under:

(a) An aggrieved student who has the Grievance or Grievances at the Programme level shall make an application first to the Programme Chairperson with a copy to the Dy. Registrar. The Programme Chairperson, after verifying the facts, will try to redress the grievance within a reasonable time, preferably within a week of the receipt of the application of the student. If the student is not satisfied with the verdict or solution of the Programme Chairperson, then the same should be placed before the Programme level committee.

(b) If the student is not satisfied with the decision of Programme level committee, he/she can submit an appeal to the Institute level committee within a week from the date of the receipt of the reply from the Programme level committee, addressing to the Director and copy to Deputy Registrar.

The Head of Institute, after verifying the facts and the papers concerned and after discussion with the Chairman of the Programme level committee, will place the matter before the Institute level committee which shall either endorse the decision of the Programme level committee or shall pass appropriate order in the best possible manner within a reasonable time, preferably within 10 days of receipt of application.

(c) If the student is not satisfied with the redressal offered by the Institute level committee and feel that his/her Grievance is not redressed, he/she can submit an appeal to the University level committee within a week from the date of receipt of decision with the relevant details, by addressing to the Chief Operating Officer, Nirma University and copy to Dy. Registrar, IMNU.

(d) The University level Committee shall consider the appeal of the student and make appropriate recommendations to the Director General within a reasonable time, preferably within 15 days. On approval by the Director General, the final decision shall be communicated to the student through the Director of the Institute.

(e) The University level Committee, if needed, may recommend to the Director General, necessary corrective action as it may deem fit, to ensure avoidance of recurrence of similar grievance at any of the Institute under the University.

(f) While dealing with the complaint, the Committee at all levels shall observe the law of natural justice and hear the complainant and concerned people.

(g) While passing an order on any Grievance at any level, the relevant provisions of the Act/Regulations would be kept in mind and no such order would be passed in contradiction of the same.

(h) The student will submit the application of Grievance or appeal to the Institute level committee or University level committee, as the case may be, through the Programme Chairperson/Director of the Institute.

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