What After CAT? A Guide For You Towards The Right Direction!

The CAT test is a highly competitive exam, with about a quarter of a million students taking it each year. It will assist you in gaining admission to any college in India for an MBA/PGDM programme. CAT scores are accepted by almost every college in India. So, if you have a high CAT percentile, you may make the most of your profession. But I am sure you know all that about CAT.

Having cleared the CAT exam you must be wondering about all the possibilities ahead. What college to choose and which program to enrol in. The sheer amount of information out there on the internet can be overwhelming. So, here is a simple guide for you to follow to secure your management future.

Options Available To You After CAT – A Brief!


After the CAT entrance exam results are released, all colleges that accept CAT scores shortlist candidates based on their performance. Shortlisted applicants must pass any number of these examinations.


The three tests often issued by management universities are as follows:


  1. Written Ability Examination (WAT)
  2. Discussion in Groups (GD)
  3. In-person Interview (PI)

On the other hand, some colleges accept the CAT score and your graduation mark sheet as the final criteria. Their admission process is simple and easy to understand.

So, if you are sure of the career path you want to go towards in management, then you can shortlist a good amount of institutes to apply in. However, you should also consider other factors before admission.

Due to the significance of an MBA in one’s career, criteria like a good curriculum, well-balanced pedagogy, expert faculty and deserving placement opportunities should be considered before applying for any college.

An established institute like Nirma University’s Institute of Management provides the best opportunities for students who have cleared the CAT exam.

Institute of Management Nirma University – The Right Choice For Your Management Future!

Institute of Management Nirma University or IMNU is a prominent institution in Gujarat with an “A” grade certification from NAAC. The institute also offers strategies that promote wholesome student learning experiences from curriculum to facilities, making it one of the best B-schools in India. IMNU provides students with the opportunity to learn in a dynamic and creative learning environment while adhering to a curriculum that is continuously revised in response to new industry breakthroughs. 

Its primary goal is to react to operational changes while also providing a diverse selection of educational materials in a fast-paced, creative learning environment. IMNU’s innovative approach, along with its highly valued staff, infrastructure, placement programme, pedagogy, and curriculum, makes it an excellent choice for management students.

IMNU also offers a variety of specialisations as part of the curriculum for students to select from. MBA specialisations give more specialised skills, increasing the number of management employment options. The program’s specialisation allows students to focus on a career of their choice and obtain the information they need to attain that objective.

Choosing IMNU also has a ton of career advantages due to their positive connection with the industry leaders in various sectors.

Career Advantages of Choosing IMNU For Management Students!

One of the most important criteria for any management student is the future career opportunity offered by the institution. IMNU recognises the importance of this factor and provides the best-in-class opportunities to students for their placements.

Despite the challenges and hurdles of the year 2020 and resulting restriction students from IMNU received excellent placement results. The average salary for management students in 2021 was over 10.43 Lakhs Per Annum with opportunities from over 40 companies during the placement period.

The companies included names like JP Morgan, Infosys, Tata AIG, BUHL Data, Metl, Morgan Stanley and many more. That’s not all though. The highest placement package received by a graduate of IMNU was over 26 Lakhs Per Annum. The trend was similar in the top 50 and top 100 students as well with the average CTC being 16.06 and 12.91 Lakhs Per Annum respectively.

Many students who are unable to find a suitable internship during the program period are worried that they may not receive as high a package as others with experience. With IMNU, you shouldn’t worry about that either. The average package received by graduating freshers was over 10.43 Lakhs Per Annum.

The percent of placements are high with IMNU as well. A majority of students often find their dream jobs right out of college. That is all thanks to the way IMNU functions. Students get the right education and skillset to make a place for themselves in the industry.

Alongside that, they also receive the opportunities that they need to become successful.

IMNU integrates academic knowledge with practical business aspects, allowing students to fully comprehend topics and their implications for the organization’s plans. The curriculum at IMNU includes lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, group discussions, special sessions with industry professionals, and industrial tours.

On university grounds, a variety of events and activities are organised to help students develop their identities. The MBA programme equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective leaders.

IMNU gives students and working professionals the confidence they need to venture beyond their comfort zones and into the worlds of management and leadership.

So, if you feel the need for a guiding hand after completing your CAT exam, connect with expert consultants at IMNU and start working towards your dream job!

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